You Must Believe To Achieve

The title might be cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason…because it’s true.

If you haven’t been living under a rock you probably know that the guy in the picture is “The California Kid” Urijah Faber, the former WEC Feather Weight Champion (and hopefully re-crowned champion tonight after his fight against Jose Aldo).

So what does this guy have to do with this blog post? A lot.

Whenever anyone trains they should have a purpose. I’d go so far as to say that they need a purpose if results is what they seek. If you’re just training for recreation than I guess a purpose isn’t necessary, but then you’re not training, you’re exercising. There’s a big difference.

Whenever anyone comes to train at USI we make sure that they know what their primary objective is. They need this, and we need this so we have something to shoot for. A target if you will. We’re not interested in having you exercise. You can do that at your local fitness center with all the other out of shape people that have given up on life. We’re here to make you train and help you strive to become your best. But if you don’t believe that you’re capable of that, then we can’t help you.

Urijah Faber is definitely one of my favorite MMA Fighters. Not just because he’s an amazing athlete, but because of his work ethic, his optimism, and above all else…his confidence.

If you came to train at USI and said you wanted to obtain a physique like his with the conditioning to boot, then we’d have to have you train like him. But it doesn’t stop there. You’d have to have confidence. You’d have to believe to achieve. I’m not implying you’d look just like him or be a freak athlete like him. But I’d be willing to bet a substantial amount of money that you’d get a lot better. Leaner, stronger, more conditioned, and feel better too. I’d doubt you’d be unhappy with that.

So, regardless of who’d you want to look like or who’d you’d like to be like, you must ask yourself What actions are necessary to achieve this?

What road blocks will stand in the way and what will I do when I hit them?

Test yourself, get uncomfortable, and set up small achievable goals. And above all else, have confidence. Before long you will be laser focused.

Urijah Faber had a great article in the latest edition of FightMagazine. Two things he said that really got me thinking was “There’s only two things you have to do in life, you have to die and you have to live, until you die, the rest is up to you.”

“A champion is a champion because of what’s inside of him. It’s not because of anything else.”

Check out what Faber has to say about Confidence below and tell me that doesn’t motivate you.

So how do you want to live?

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