The Velazquez Experiment

Roughly three months ago I get a call from a kid who tells me he wants to be an mma fighter and wants to come into my training facility  to get in shape for it. I get these calls a lot but have learned not to pay them much mind until the person actually walks thru my doors and starts. I’m sure you know that often times what someone’s intentions are doesn’t always match up with their actions.

So in walks Rafael Velazquez, an out of shape young man. Soft, pretty weak, with quite a bit of body fat. Now I’m not the type of guy to ever scorn a mans dreams, but to put it lightly, I really didn’t see it happening.

The general consensus on exercise is totally inaccurate. Most people think they’ll start an exercise program and the fat will just go away. NOT TRUE. What you do once you leave the gym (your diet and lifestyle) has more of an impact than anything. Because of this I’d be doing a disservice to my clients and athletes if I didn’t address this. Just about everyone will take your advice but not everyone will apply it.

Rafael was not that guy. He applied it to a T, and has lost a significant amount of weight. Weight of which came from fat and not muscle. I know this because he gained a considerable amount of strength as well. You can’t loss muscle and get stronger. He went from around 220 pounds down to 185 pounds. That’s thirty five pounds. And if he gained muscle at the same time then he obviously lost more than just what the numbers on the scale show.

Check out the video below. At the end of the video Rafael explains how he lost the weight.

Now it might not sound like he said much but lets actually break down what he said.

  1. He only ate carbs post workout. When he’s referring to carbs he’s not referring to vegetables. More so the complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, couscous, brown rice, etc (those are all good choices).
  2. He ate mainly protein (fish, chicken, red meat, etc.)
  3. He drank only water expect during his training sessions, then he drank G2, the new Gatorade that doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener (HFCS is one of the biggest attributers to obesity and it’s in everything).
  4. He was consistent in his training and diet.
  5. He was prepared to suffer a little. Fat loss is an all out war. You must attack it with tenacity. If you’re getting your entertainment from eating, work on getting that from something else.
  6. He took some key supplements. There isn’t a magic bullet for fat loss but there are things that help. A good chelated multi-vitamin and fish oil should be staple in everyone’s diet.
  7. Rafael had specific goals. He didn’t just say “I want to get in shape”. What does that mean? That’s a relative term that might not mean the same to me as it does to you. Your goals must be specific and measurable. If you’re not achieving them then you change the plan. Essentially you’re a problem solver.

Now I have no doubt that Rafael can dominate a lot in life if he sets his mind to it.

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